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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Poll 2

who would you to see shaved bald
1. Reese Witherspoon
2. Kate Winslet
3. Mandy Moore
4. Scarlett Johannson
5. One of the Olsen twins or both
6. Kelly Clarkson

Poll 1

who do you think is more beautiful bald Demi Moore or Natalie Portman

Story Part 1

Hi my name is Tina. I am going to tell you about a vacation I took with a few of my girlfriends. We are all married and have children. We needed a break from all of it so we went to Florida for a couple of weeks.
The first we there we went for a walk. We noticed something lots of the girls who were walking had very short or no hair at all. We all said they looked good and that it must feel good with it being so hot here. We all had long hair at least to mid back. We stopped at a little diner for lunch. After lunch my friend Kelly went to the bathroom and when she came out she was excited about something, but she did not tell us what she was so excited about.
A little while later we were outside of a building that had a lot of photos of short haired women hanging up. Thats when Kelly told us what she was excited about:
"While I was washing my hands, I started a conversation with a girl with very short hair. I said it looked nice. She said thank you. I said it must feel good in this heat and she said yes. I asked her where she had it done and she said there was a little place a few blocks away where they pay you to get your haircut short and they film the cut to sell on video. I always have wanted to get my hair chopped off. I thought that is a perfect time to do it and the place she described sounded interesting so I thought why not do it right now."
So we entered the building. We saw that there a few girls here already. A young girl in her twenties with long blonde hair welcomed us.
"Are all of you here to get your haircut?" she asked
" I am, but I do not know if my friends are" said Kelly
The rest of us said we would think about it.
A while later it was Kelly's turn. the Barber introduced himself. Then Kelly modeled for a little while. Then he asked her what they were going to with her hair and about her hair history. She said:
"We are going to take it all off. I have always had long hair. Everybody loves it. I love it too, but its time consuming especially when you have four little children to deal with. I started thinking if having it cut when Demi Moore had short hair in Ghost but I never get around to having it cut, the next time I started thinking about it was when Demi went bald for G.I. Jane and I never had it done and lately with all the buzz about Natalie Portman going Bald started me thinking again. Then this afternoon my friends and I saw lots of women with short hair and thought thats it I am having it chopped off today. I do not care what people think. Its my head and hair and I can do what I want with it."
After the interview was over. Kelly sat down in the barber's chair. Then she was caped. The barber then separted her hair into six ponytails and cut them off. Then he cut all that he could with scissors and then he got the clippers out and buzzed her hair to nothing. Kelly smiled the whole way through. Then the barber spread shaving cream on her head and made it smooth as a baby's bottom. Then he uncaped her and she toucher her head and exclaimed that she loved it and was so glad she did it. She did look great with no hair.
"Any other takers" asked the barber looking at us.
We all looked at each other
So did any of us follow Kelly's lead find out next time

The beautiful Natalie Portman bald. She proves that bald women are hot

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Hi my name is Dave, I am going to tell you a story my girlfriend Frankie told me about her first short haircut.

Her parents divorced when she was five and when she was seven her mother started dating a nice guy named Robert. Her mother had beautiful waist length red hair. One day when Frankie was around nine she came home from school she heard a strange noise coming from the living room, so she looked and saw her mother sitting in a chair with her head in her chest and Robert behind her holding something Frankie never saw before and around them in the floor with all of her mother's beautiful hair. Frankie was stunned to see her mother's crowing glory all cut off. When her mother and Robert noticed her they smiled and Robert pushed a button in the machine in his hands and the sound stopped. Her mother held her head up and saw that Frankie was stunned. "I know this is a shock, I cannot believe it myself but with the summer coming I decided that's it this summer I am not going to have the long hair what bugs me each summer. I also know that Robert like women with short hair so I asked him to cut it. I did not know short he was going to cut it, but I love it!! (she smiled and touched her almost bald head when she said it)" Her mother asked her to get the broom and dustpan while Robert finshes her haircut. When Frankie came back her mother was getting up and then she kissed Robert and said she was going to take a shower to wash off the loose hairs and asked Frankie to sweep the hair off the floor. When her mother left Robert asked gently if she wanted him to cut her long off, she was not certain, Robert suggested a chin length bob with the nape shave up high. She said ok. Robert was finshing up in Frankie when her mother came down from the shower. " I love it Frankie!" Her mother said. "Me too!" Frankie said smiling while she touched her shaved nape. Robert did a wonderful job in her hair and her mother's hair which was cut into the Susan Power look. They both grew the hair out and now Frankie has beautiful waist length red ringlets.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Hair story

You can read my story my sister in law at

Friday, June 23, 2006

first post

I have a hair fetish. I love women with really short hair. In this blog i am going to post the hair stories i write and also post when a female celebrity cut their hair short. I will post pictures.